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Human Rights are defined as rights due to all human beings on the planet, regardless of their country of origin, gender, ethnicity, religion or colour. This is non-discriminatory and all human beings have to be incorporated in the charter without exception. The areas that the Human Rights Charter deals with include civil rights, economic rights, social rights, political rights, cultural rights and rights to self determination.

However, the worrying point is that though the laws and Conventions are very clear in this regard there are gross violations all over the world. Many Governments and even individuals violate the set norms with the result that human rights are being grossly deviated in all parts of the world.

One of the reasons why human rights are often violated with impunity is because there is a very low awareness regarding the rights that are available. Many people do not know that their rights are protected by a definite Charter and any deviation can be challenged in a court of law. This is because there is an absence of authoritative and credible sources that lays down in simple and clear terms all that there is to know about Human Rights.

This is what our team at humanrightsreference.com has set out to do. Our blog spot is devoted exclusively to human rights and its many nuances and intricacies. It is a site which offers in-depth news, information and expert opinion on human rights and what recourse can be resorted to by the victim of any violations.

To make our blog site a respected and reliable source, we invite blogs and write-ups from professional bloggers and experts with in-depth knowledge in this regard. The areas that can be focussed on are the history of human rights, its evolution from its basics after the World War II, the United Nations Charter on Human Rights and how workers rights came to be integrated into human rights. These are some suggestions for bloggers to follow. There are no limitations on the topics chosen so long as it pertains to this niche.